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Sharon Shelley

Sharon is a powerful crystal healer, teacher and shamanic intuitive. Her work is guided by the crystal kingdom and her deep connection to totemism, she works intuitively and is guided by lifetimes of deep healing wisdom. Sharon owns a thriving spiritual business and shop in Bacchus Marsh, Victoria and facilitates her healing work from this space. She holds the academy's accredited diploma in crystal awakening as well as being an accredited teacher for the academy and is also a reiki master.


 Kathy Stephenson

Has been working as a professional medium for the past ten years or so bringing much joy, relief and peace to many people who are open to hearing the messages bought to them via Kathy from our departed loved ones. 
You have the opportunity to experience this down to earth lady who has chosen to share her gift of insight into heaven and be a messenger for our loved ones who are no longer with us in the physical body. To witness Kathy’s very unassuming ordinary style of bringing love, peace and closure to those of us who have lost loved ones is a true blessing and definitely something for those who feel guided or even slightly curious to venture out and spend some time with this amazing lady! 


Susan Rissinich

Hi, my name is Susan Rissinich and I've been practicing Kinesiology at the Seahorse Well Being Centre since it first opened in April 2002. I have two wonderful children who were the driving force behind my passion for Kinesiology. 
Back in 1998, my son developed severe eczema which allopathic medicine could not heal and would only recommend steroid creams. As these creams usually have side effects, I began looking into alternative medicine for answers. Finally I came across Kinesiology, which was a mind-blowing experience because it is so different from other modalities, and my son did not have to suffer any longer. In less than one year, his skin was better and onlookers could not tell he'd ever had the ailment. 
I was so impressed with Kinesiology that i started studying it three months after that first balance. I am extremely passionate about Kinesiology because I have seen it help so many conditions.  I am now part of a melded family, which sees all parties very close to each other thanks to Kinesiology. This healing system has no boundaries in what ailments or states of mind and spirit it can help and only needs bravery to look at your preferred future. To book a session please contact me on 0409 114 218

Andrew Samson


Adv.Dip.Hom, BSc.(Hons)(Biochem), Cert.Illus.Photog.

Andrew is passionate about helping bring people back to a state of health and well being. He believes that homeopathy is one of nature’s gifts that allows this to happen. Andrew is a fully qualified homeopath and through his training and clinical experience he has witnessed and undertaken many cases that have resulted in significant improvement in patient’s level of health. These changes have been achieved in a very gentle manner and without harmful side-effects. Such change is possible because homeopathy is working with the body’s natural healing system.

Andrew is registered with the Australian Register of Homeopaths (AROH) and is a member of Australian Homeopathic Association (AHA).

Andrew started his working life as a research scientist in the field of Biochemistry. His career then branched into wedding and portrait photography. With the practice of homeopathy, both art and science combine to create a wonderful natural therapy. Andrew draws on his past experience and current training in homeopathy, bringing art and science together for a healthier you.


Sahara Dewey

Sahara Dewey is a Soul Alchemist and Intuitive who has been mentoring, counselling and coaching others to follow their hearts and souls to reach their highest potential and to facilitate positive change within themselves for over twenty-five years. She has an absolute passion for educating and inspiring others to live their divine purpose. She is clairsentient, and a medium and has been communicating with the divine beings of unconditional love since childhood.

Sahara offers intuitive reading, card reading, she will connect in with your higher self and bring through your own divine guidance and wisdom.

Sahara has an Advanced Diploma in Transpersonal Art Therapy along with a Diploma in Holistic Medicine and Counselling and has many certificates in energetic healing and metaphysics. She uses many modalities in her sessions including aromatherapy, naturopathy, art/writing therapy, movement and flower essences. She provides and uses practical and simple tools and techniques to incorporate into daily life. She is also an artist and has sold many paintings around the world. Her paintings are channeled directly from the divine to encapsulate healing and divine love for each individual client.

 She is an outstanding presenter and facilitator and uses her great sense of humor to engage and entertain her audience.


Zoe Stevanov


Zoe is a Remedial Massage Therapist and Reiki Practitioner. She uses a range of Remedial and Sports Massage techniques as well as Myofascial Cupping, Relaxation Massage and Reiki Sessions to address all your needs, mind, body and soul.

Zoe is a dedicated wellness professional with a passion for holistic health. She treats all her clients with their physical, emotional and spiritual health needs in mind and caters all treatments to each individual. She aims not only to treat clients but also to educate them about their body and what they can do to improve their quality of life.

Go to Zoe’s Facebook Page* to read more about what she has to offer, see testimonials from clients and to keep up to date with deals and discount opportunities.

Contact info:
Phone - 0424 163 392 
Facebook Message - *Revive Remedial Massage and Alternative Therapies


 Ellene Marina

Who is Ellene? I’m a barefoot, curly haired, sarcastic Scorpio, ocean loving, crazy dog mum and all round qualified hippie called Ellene, pronounced L – N – E. Now, say it a few times quickly. See, easy! You got it! Currently travelling Australia with my Defence hubby to be (he hasn’t officially asked me yet, but we’re getting there) stopping for a bit in Adelaide then Melbourne then who knows! I have a nasty habit of falling in love with life constantly and being ridiculously grateful for all that I have. I’m a naturopath & herbalist by trade but have a massive fascination for all things energetic. - Naturopath Ellene can school you on foods, plants, help you rid toxins from your everyday life. Assist you with making lifestyle changes that benefit your health & happiness. - Hippie Ellene with the aid of my pendulum, oracle cards, tarot cards, flower essences and chakra therapy can assist you on finding & clearing emotional blocks, cutting ties with negative energies, people & sometimes entities. Helping you to understand your unbeneficial patterns & get you feeling more yourself than you have in quite some time. - Home Ellene can cook a mean dhal, vegan moussaka & stack the best dang sandwich you’ve ever seen! But I am not washing up ever. So if I cook, you clean!





Angelic Seichim Reiki practitioner and intuitive tarot reader. Gabriela is a root worker with a long Gypsy blood line, who has been using the art of Hoodoo in everyday life. She offers tailor made products such as oils and incense, etc. She has a lover of animals, herbs and learning about different cultures every day. To book in for a session with Gabriela please contact us on (03)53671991.